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Our Philospohy

At FC ATHLETICO, we will try to do everything with the ball. From the very beginning, players will be encouraged and taught to play with the right touch and technique in group/team play.

They will be taught to maintain possession, using the full width of the field while circulating the ball continuously with firm and precise passing and quick decisive movement off the ball.


Yes, it is important to develop skillful, well rounded soccer players that have a strong passion and love for the game, but important to us is developing human beings that are respectful, honest, disciplined and hardworking.

We work to make sure that our players will not only standout and be a successful on the soccer field, but also in school, their communities, and whatever they may choose to do in the future.

Players who are rude, disrespectful to their team mates, coaches OR parents will not be tolerated - no exceptions!

Players will be encouraged to work together to try and win the ball back immediately after losing it. All players should want the ball and be brave enough to possess it in tight spaces; failing at times, but improving.

Players will work hard in every session.