Fca Stars

FC ATHLETICO Stars Program (Ages 4-5)

Our Stars program is the first step for young boys and girls into the world of soccer. We aim to kindle a passion for the sport while fostering basic motor skills, coordination, and teamwork in a fun, engaging environment.


Junior Program (U7-U8)

As we move to our Junior Program's focus on the young athlete's passion and love for the game while continuing to introduce key fundamental topics to help with general positioning and game understanding.


Our Academy Program is the next progression, which sees teams compete in higher-level tournaments and includes travel on some weekends. Academy teams play most of their games in a friendly and academy format locally.


Classic Program (U11-U12)

Our Classic program fosters individuality and creativity within the team dynamic, preparing players for more complex game scenarios and physical demands.

Encourages individuality and creativity within the team dynamic. FC ATHLETICO players must play with freedom and the courage to take players on while expressing themselves.

Speed, agility, and transitions between defense and attack become more vital, and a deeper understanding of the game through rondos and small-sided possession games.

Fosters a balanced athletic experience, allowing players to partake in other sports.


Intermediate Program (U13-U14)

As FC ATHLETICO players transition into our Intermediate Program, we focus on refining technical proficiency while integrating more complex aspects of the game.

At U12, several FC ATHLETICO teams will play up in the spring in the 11v11 format; however, at U13, the game's physical demands become more prevalent.


Senior Age Group (U16-U19)

Our Senior Age Group is where players are honed into well-rounded soccer players, focusing on player fitness, tactical awareness, and emotional balance.

Focuses on player fitness, mental fortitude, tactical awareness, and emotional balance.

Guides players in making informed decisions regarding their future in soccer, including potential college opportunities.

Promotes an understanding that success in soccer and life comes from consistent hard work, dedication, and personal growth, not entitlement.