FC ATHLETICO Announces Partnership with Prime Focus Goalkeeping to Enhance Goalkeeper Development

Mooresville, North Carolina – [Thursday, September 14, 2023] – FC ATHLETICO, Mooresville’s leading youth soccer club, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Prime Focus Goalkeeping, a renowned organization founded by Brandon Miller. This partnership aims to provide elite-level training and development opportunities for youth and senior goalkeepers within the FC ATHLETICO program. Brandon Miller, a UNC Wilmington graduate and recently retired professional soccer player, brings a wealth of experience to Prime Focus Goalkeeping. As the former goalkeeper for the Rochester Rhinos and recipient of the USL Rookie of the Season award, Brandon understands the unique demands of the goalkeeper position. He is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and expertise with aspiring goalkeepers. Under this partnership, Prime Focus Goalkeeping will collaborate closely with FC ATHLETICO Program Directors to align their training methodologies with the FC ATHLETICO approach. This collaboration will result in an updated curriculum tailored for FC ATHLETICO goalkeepers, ensuring they receive the highest quality training and development opportunities.
The FC ATHLETICO goalkeeper training sessions, led by the experienced coaches from Prime Focus Goalkeeping, will take place at the FC ATHLETICO Academy from Monday to Thursday, while all FC ATHLETICO team training sessions take place at Mazeppa Park in Mooresville. These sessions will cater to Academy to Senior players, providing them with specialized training to enhance their skills and performance on the field. In addition to training sessions, Prime Focus Goalkeeping coaches will also attend games and provide goalkeeper-specific clinics in Mooresville, further enhancing the development of FC ATHLETICO goalkeepers. FC ATHLETICO goalkeepers receive two free FC ATHLETICO – Prime Focus Gloves at the beginning of each season and discounts on Prime Focus camps, clinics and apparel. This collaboration signifies a significant step forward in FC ATHLETICO’s ongoing commitment to providing the best developmental opportunities for its players. Prime Focus Goalkeeping will fully integrate into the development process, offering mid-season evaluations and individual player meetings.
Furthermore, FC ATHLETICO players will have access to training opportunities during the off-season, including clinics, small group sessions, and supplemental goalkeeper training in the winter and summer. “We are thrilled to partner with Prime Focus Goalkeeping and bring their expertise to our goalkeepers at FC ATHLETICO,” said Tinashe Mugabe, President of FC ATHLETICO. “This partnership will provide unparalleled training and development opportunities for our players, and we are confident that it will significantly contribute to their progression on and off the field.” FC ATHLETICO is committed to providing the best training and developmental experience for both boys and girls, which has resulted in unprecedented success both Regionally and Nationally with the FC ATHLETICO U12 Fiorentina being crowned U11 Champions of 2022-2023 the NCFC Girls Junior Showcase, following in the footsteps of other FC ATHLETICO teams such as 2007 Boys PSG, 2010 Boys Dortmund and 2008 Girls Milan who have won the prestigious regional Soccer Showcase.
Last season, club founder Tinashe Mugabe led a combined 2010 team (along with several 2011 players) to the National Cup Final in Denver, CO, after being crowned US Club Southeast Regional Champions. FC ATHLETICO’s success has continued in the NCYSA league, with FC ATHLETICO 2010 Dortmund winning their first game 7-0, and all FC ATHLETICO teams have enjoyed a solid start to the season.
For more information about Prime Focus Goalkeeping and its training programs, please visit www.primefocusgoalkeeping.com.
For inquiries and registration, don’t hesitate to contact goalkeeping@fcathletico.com or primefocusgk@gmail.com.

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