Communication Policy

This Club Communications Policy (the “Policy”) sets our guidelines governing internal 

and external communications in FC ATHLETICO. 

  1. ““Authorized Persons” are coaches and any other paid or unpaid members of staff. 

Director from time to time for specific kinds of communications on behalf of the club. 

Authorized persons are also those whose communication with staff members and 

current and potential members all within their approved job description 

  1. b) “Basic Club Information” is any information about FC ATHLETICO, including its 

business, markets, products, services, finances, financing plans, operations, objectives, 

Members and other business relationships, personnel, and financial and operating 


  1. c) “Confidential Club Information” is any club information that has not been made 

publicly available by FC ATHLETICO, as well as information of third parties that the FC 

ATHLETICO is obligated to keep confidential. 

  1. d) “Internal Communication” is the dissemination of information between employed FC 

ATHLETICO coaches and/or staff members. 

  1. e) “Team Communication” is the dissemination of information between the coach and a 

specific team. All team communication should include the club directors. 

  1. f) “Club-wide Communication” is the dissemination of information from the directors of 

the club to all members currently registered in the club. 

  1. g) “External Communication” is the dissemination of information from the directors of the 

club to all current and potential future members. 

  1. h) “Press Media Communication” is information shared to the FC ATHLETICO social 

media pages. Press Media Communication will be sent out by directors. 


The purpose of this Policy is to define and provide guidelines on the extent, quality and 

output of communication with FC ATHLETICO, its members and non-members. 


FC ATHLETICO is committed to the dissemination of timely, accurate and quality 

information to all current and potential members as well as partners. All internal and 

external communications should be aimed towards the achievement of FC 

ATHLETICO’s vision and mission, and should be in line with its approved Strategy. 

All communication should be in line with FC ATHLETICO-approved standards. Only 

“Authorized Persons” are permitted to undertake FC ATHLETICO’s internal and external 


Guiding Principles 

FC ATHLETICO recognizes that active communication with different current members, 

future members and the general public is an integral part of its Strategy. In order to 

reach its overall goals for communication, the following guiding principles should always 

be adhered to: 

  1. a) Only Authorized Persons shall be permitted to have formal engagements with 

external members via media engagements and press releases. 

  1. b) All information must be conveyed through the appropriate and approved 

communication channels to FC ATHLETICO Members in a timely manner. 

All requests for information by members shall be responded to by the relevant 

Authorized Person(s) within 24 hours of receiving the request. A turnaround time of two 

(2) working days shall apply to all requests; where the information sought may require 

more time to deliver, an acknowledgement of the request must be made within the 

stipulated time period (36 hours). 

  1. c) All Authorized Persons shall proactively develop contacts with respective teams and 

members to ensure timely, open and constant communication. 

  1. d) All communication must be clear, concise and intentional. 
  2. e) Regular feedback is encouraged from all FC ATHLETICO members and will be 

applied towards ensuring better service delivery. 

  1. g) All FC ATHLETICO communication must be consistent in style and message to build 

stakeholder trust. 

Guidelines for External Communication 

The support and participation of FC ATHLETICO members is crucial to its long-term 

success and is therefore always desired. All communication to members should be 

anchored on this premise and aimed at making the ALL members and non-members 

feel involved and not alienated. External communication should also promote overall 

knowledge and awareness of FC ATHLETICO, its markets, products, services etc., 

among the different elements that are part of FC ATHLETICO. 

All team communication must be approved by the director. The director shall approve all 

Team Communication. Exceptions may exist in situations where such communication is 

part of a team’s functions; for example, confirming field numbers or last minute game 

time changes. 

FC ATHLETICO’s Press Media, plays a part of its success. Social media, which serves 

as the medium through which FC ATHLETICO reaches current, future and past 

members, is accorded high priority in FC ATHLETICO As such, communication with 

media is to be handled with the highest levels of sensitivity and professionalism and 

must always be handled by the director. 

Only Authorized Persons shall be permitted to grant interviews of any sort (print, TV, 

online) and be quoted with respect to FC ATHLETICO’s external communications. 

Guidelines for Internal Communication 

FC ATHLETICO’s internal communication is targeted at all its staff and coaches, 

towards the achievement of its overall objectives. Furthermore, internal communication 

is aimed at strengthening the organizational culture and feeling of commitment among 

all FC ATHLETICO staff and members, thereby increasing active participation and team 


Internal communication shall be handled by the Authorized Persons responsible for 

such correspondence, including strategy and methodology, club affairs and direction. 

Communication between and amongst coaches and staff members must be 

professional at all times. Staff members are to be addressed by either their first names 

or by their initials in all written communication, except letters which must bear the full 

name of the staff member or coach. The use of titles, nicknames or any other names is 

strictly prohibited in written communication. 

Disclosure of Confidential Information 

FC ATHLETICO is committed to providing timely, accurate, and complete disclosure of 

its basic company information in an appropriate manner. Disclosure of confidential 

information is however strictly prohibited as detailed in the FC ATHLETICO 

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement which is signed by all coaches and staff 

members upon assumption of duty. Violation of this Agreement may attract legal