Founded  August  12,  2014.
Location :  159 Raceway Drive, Mooresville – NC.  Secondary Field: Mazeppa Road Park, Mooresville – NC.








FC ATHLETICO is committed to the player, their well being, and their future.  We strive to create an environment for individuals to develop and grow their skill set as soccer players and people.





FC ATHLETICO teams follow a club methodology that supports the club’s style of play. Throughout the club, all teams (including in our youngest age group) will be taught and encouraged to play the ball out of the back. All teams will play a possession based style with a purpose. Defensively, our teams will work together in an organized, determined and disciplined manner.Players will be encouraged to work together to try and win the ball back immediately after losing it. All players should want the ball and be brave enough to possess it in tight spaces; failing at times, but improving.




FC ATHLETICO Players: Embrace challenges, Motivated on and off the field, Train with Intensity, Demand and Aim for a High Standard.  Players who are rude, disrespectful to their team mates, coaches OR parents will not be tolerated – no exceptions!






It is our belief that individuals will develop and grow by being challenged and pushed outside their comfort zone. We believe as coaches that our role is to teach, guide and motivate individuals and teams to push themselves to reach their goals both individually and collectively.We work to make sure that our players will not only standout and be a successful on the soccer field, but also in school, their communities, and whatever they may choose to do in the future.